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Your comfort and well-being is our highest priority. It’s important to us that you have a pleasant and stress-free experience when you come to The Philadelphia Dentist for treatment. Whether you’re a long-standing patient or we’re seeing you for the first time, our dental care team will make your comfort a priority.

One way we contribute to a comfortable experience is by using leading-edge dental technology. Our Northeast Philadelphia dentists stay current with the latest in dentistry and invest in technology that streamlines your treatment and improves your comfort and safety. It also helps our dentists provide highly accurate diagnoses that result in the best possible outcomes for you.

Nitrous Oxide

Dr. Schriftman helps patient with nitrous oxideOne of the top reasons that people avoid going to the dentist is dental anxiety. It may be the fear of injections or the sounds or smells of a dental office. Others who avoid the dentist had a bad experience as a child, and the unpleasant memory still lingers.

Complimentary Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Philadelphia

At The Philadelphia Dentist, we offer the calming effects of nitrous oxide sedation at no additional cost to you. Also referred to as “laughing gas,” the purpose of nitrous oxide is to help you relax while we’re performing your procedure. Since nitrous oxide is a gas, you inhale it through a small mask that sits comfortably on your nose, and all you have to do is breathe normally.

Nitrous Oxide Process

In a few moments, you’ll start to feel very calm and relaxed. You won’t go to sleep, although you may feel drowsy, and the sights and sounds around you will seem very far away. You will be fully conscious so you can communicate with your dental team, and we will carefully monitor you throughout your procedure to make sure you are safe and comfortable.

When we finish your treatment, we’ll stop the flow of nitrous oxide and have you breathe pure oxygen for several minutes. Afterward, you won’t feel any drowsy side effects, but you will feel refreshed, alert, and ready to get back to your busy day.

If you think that complimentary nitrous oxide sedation at The Philadelphia Dentist can help you at your next appointment, please let us know.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Schriftman showing a dental xray to patientOur dentists are trained to perform visual dental exams to identify potential problems with your teeth and gums. But since we can’t see inside your teeth and under your gums—where many dental problems begin—we need to use dental x-rays to get a complete picture of your oral health.

Safe Digital X-rays

At The Philadelphia Dentist, we use safe digital x-rays that require significantly less radiation than older x-rays that use film. Our dentists use digital x-rays to check the condition of your teeth and their roots. We look for cavities, tooth abscesses, and growths like tumors and cysts. We can also see if you have gum disease and how advanced it is.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

There are numerous benefits to using digital instead of film x-rays at our Northeast Philadelphia dental office: Digital x-rays:

  • Expose you to about 80 percent less radiation
  • Provide highly detailed information about your oral health
  • Allow us to share images with you to inform you about your oral health
  • Provide easy access to refer to when monitoring ongoing oral conditions
  • Eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals that are harmful to our environment
  • Allow us to share information with specialists and insurance companies with your permission

Contact Our Philadelphia Dental Office

Your safety and comfort are important to us. Call our 19152 area office to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be happy to explain how digital x-rays help us improve your oral health.

Panoramic X-Rays

panoramic xray in philadelphia paOur panoramic dental x-rays are valuable because they show our dentists the entire structure of your mouth. We can view all your teeth, your upper and lower jaws, and surrounding tissue and structures in a single image. Dr. Schriftman and Dr. Ambriz use panoramic x-rays to diagnose problems like:

How We Take a Panoramic X-ray

Taking a panoramic x-ray is easy; you stand still in front of the x-ray machine as it rotates around your head. The process is comfortable and takes just seconds to complete. Since panoramic x-rays are extra-oral (outside of the mouth), they are ideal for young children and for adults who have a strong gag reflex who can’t tolerate intraoral x-rays.

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