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How long does a dental crown take?

If you have a broken tooth or a tooth with a large cavity, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to strengthen it. Fortunately, getting a dental crown is a straightforward process that we typically complete in about two to three weeks.

Getting a Dental Crown in 3 Steps

The Philadelphia Dentist will plan and place your new dental crown in three steps:

#1 Prepare the Tooth

First, Dr. Schriftman or Dr. Ambriz will prepare the tooth for the crown by removing a layer of its outer structure. This step ensures that the crown will look natural and not add extra bulk to the tooth.

In some cases, preparation will include placing a special filling in the damaged tooth to prepare it for the crown. This process is called a core buildup.

#2 Take a Dental Impression

The next step is to take an impression to create a replica of your teeth that a custom dental lab uses to design and fabricate your final crown. We will also select a shade of white for your new crown that will blend in with your smile.

Before you leave our office, our dentist will place a temporary crown on the prepared tooth to protect it.

#3 Place Your Final Crown on Your Tooth

It takes 2–3 weeks for the custom lab to carefully create your final crown to our specifications. When we receive it, you will return to The Philadelphia Dentist, where we will do a quality check for appearance and fit, then cement the final crown securely to your tooth.

Custom Dental Crowns in Northeast Philadelphia

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