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How do you know if you need a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that solves an infection in the inner parts of your tooth. Each of your teeth attaches to your jawbone via its roots. Inside the root are thin passages called canals which hold blood vessels and nerves. With tooth damage, this area may become engulfed by bacteria, and the primary way you’ll know that you need a root canal is a severe toothache.

However, along with intense tooth pain, you may also experience other common symptoms. Some of these are:

  • Swollen and painful gums
  • An abscess or an infected eruption that may be white
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot, cold, and bite pressure
  • Sour taste in your mouth due to infectious fluid

How Root Canals Treat Tooth Infections

Like any other part of your body, an infection in your tooth must be treated and eliminated as soon as possible. One danger of untreated dental disease is that it can spread to adjoining tissues. This can become an emergency if the inflammation associated with infection threatens to block your airways or reach vital organs.

When Philadelphia Dentists perform root canal treatments, they use precision instruments to open your tooth and scour your inner tooth, completely removing the infected tissue. We then seal your inner tooth with a rubber-like substance that resists subsequent infections. Finally, we protect your remaining tooth, usually with a dental crown covering it on all sides.

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