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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Same-Day Emergency Dentistry

How can we help you?

Whether you come to us as an emergency patient or you need a general dentist to improve your oral health over the long term, we want you to feel free to ask. There's no question too small because Dr. Schriftman and Dr. Eckley want you to be informed about your oral health. We've found that patients who are engaged in their treatment and ask questions tend to experience fewer dental problems.

There are questions we hear all the time, and we've included several of them here. If you don't see yours here, call us a (215) 342-7718, and we'll find the answers you need.

Same-Day Emergency Dentistry

In most cases, yes. Our priority is to provide whatever treatment you need to get you out of pain right away. A toothache, for example, could be the result of anything from food stuck between your teeth to a root canal infection.

Prompt Dental Care in Philadelphia

First, our emergency dentists will uncover the source of your pain. Then they will explain the treatment they recommend to provide immediate relief. We commonly perform procedures like:

  • Emergency dental fillings
  • Emergency root canals
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Emergency dental bonding
  • Emergency infections
  • Emergency crowns
  • Emergency repair of crowns, bridges, dentures, and partials

Contact Our Northeast Philadelphia Dental Clinic

Your first step when you have a dental emergency is to call The Philadelphia Dentist at (215) 342-7718. Our experienced team of caring professionals will listen to your concerns and schedule your appointment for the same day. When you get here, we’ll do whatever it takes to provide the relief you need and get your oral health back on track.

Yes! The Philadelphia Dentist is available for your emergency, starting at 7 AM seven days a week. Unlike most other dental offices, we are here for you every day, 365 days a year—including holidays.

Our dental care team understands how upsetting dental emergencies can be and how they can turn your life upside down. Now, if you have a toothache on Thanksgiving morning, we can provide relief and probably get you home in time for dinner with the family!

Common Emergency Dental Issues We Treat

Here are some of the urgent dental problems we commonly treat:

  • Broken teeth
  • Lost fillings
  • Lost crowns
  • Toothaches
  • Infected teeth
  • Pain when biting down
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Dental trauma from an accident

Dr. Lee Schriftman and Dr. Ryan Eckley are both experienced emergency dentists with over 40 years of experience between them. You can be confident that whatever urgent dental problem you’re dealing with, we’ll provide the relief and treatment you need. Since your comfort is our priority, we also offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas with no additional charge.

Contact Our Philadelphia Dental Clinic Today

If you have a throbbing toothache and need immediate relief, call The Philadelphia Dentist at (215) 342-7718. Our caring dental team will listen to your concerns and schedule you for an appointment the same day.

As experienced emergency dentists in Northeast Philadelphia, Dr. Schriftman and Dr. Eckley routinely perform wisdom teeth extractions and root canals. In fact, we are able to treat any dental emergency you face and provide the urgent pain relief you need. Because we want you to be comfortable, we offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas with no additional charge.

Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal

In the case of wisdom teeth or third molars, if they’re causing problems, it’s best to remove them. Our ancient ancestors needed the chewing power of a third set of molars, but we don’t. And since they’re so far back in your mouth, wisdom teeth are difficult to clean. This puts you at risk for gum disease and cavities, so our dentists usually recommend removing wisdom teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in 19152

As for root canals, The Philadelphia Dentist knows that the pain of an infected or abscessed tooth can be so excruciating that you can’t function. We’ll make it a priority to relieve your pain first. Once we numb your tooth with a local anesthetic, you’ll experience immediate relief. Dr. Schriftman and Dr. Eckley will perform a root canal to clear away the infection, which is what’s causing the pain in the first place.

Contact Your Northeast Philadelphia Emergency Dentist 

If you have a toothache or infected tooth, call us at (215) 342-7718 to schedule a same-day emergency appointment at our Northeast Philadelphia dental office. You can rely on our experienced dentists to provide immediate relief and a long-term solution to your problem.

Since we offer same-day dental treatment to provide the relief you need, we ask that you call us to schedule an appointment first. We promise you won’t have to wait long! The Philadelphia Dentist is open at 7 AM, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Call us at (215) 342-7718 now, and we’ll arrange to see and treat your dental emergency the same day.

Same-Day Dental Care in Northeast Philadelphia

We’re here to help with your urgent dental problems, but Dr. Lee Schriftman and Dr. Ryan Eckley are experienced general dentists who can also handle your oral health needs on an ongoing basis. First, we’ll make your emergency a priority and then provide quality dental treatment and resolve your problem the same day.

Nitrous Oxide for Dental Anxiety

If you’re also interested in addressing other oral health issues, we can help. Our dentists will put together a personalized treatment plan at your pace to get your oral health back on track. And if you have dental anxiety, you’ll be happy to know we offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas at no additional charge.

Contact Our 19152 Dental Clinic

Do you live in the Northeast Philadelphia or Delaware Valley area and need an emergency dentist? With convenient hours, a comprehensive menu of services including dental exams, cleanings, and tooth fillings, we’re much more than an emergency dentist. Please call us right away at (215) 342-7718, so we can get you on our schedule.

Payment options we offer at The Philadelphia Dentist are:

  •  CASH
  •  FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account)
  •  CareCredit: Interest-Free or Long Term Payment Options
  •  Greensky Financial: Interest-Free or Long Term Payment Options

Dental Financing in Northeast Philadelphia

Applying for either Greensky Financial or CareCredit is easy and only takes a few minutes and is available to use immediately the same day. Please call our Northeast Philadelphia office if you have any questions.

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